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IOTDOLLAR is a cryptocurrency for smart home devices and services. It is based on ERC20 tokens. IOT$ will allow users to buy and sell smart home devices and services using a decentralized platform. This will provide a more secure and efficient way to purchase smart home products and services.

The future of money is here


Global Network

Avoid censorship and local limitations

Speed Matters

We use ethereum infrastructure

No Central Authority

Fully decentralized


Use on Web, iOS & Android

Fast, secure, and chargeback-proof

Get to market up to 100x faster. You’re in control of your user experience while we handle processing, storing, and IOTDOLLAR (IOT$) conversion.

Global payments without the global effort. We combine the benefits of ERC-20 protocol with traditional forms of payments like cards and banks.

Fintech Success & Evolution

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Coin Distribution

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Coin Exchange Rate

1 IOT$ = 1 USD

Total Supply

2,000,000,000 IOT$

Accepted Payments

PayPal, Venmo, ETH, BTC, SOL, USDC, USDT

Minimum Order Amount

100 IOT$

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